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Network Design Decisions

Serious software solutions for network developers, designers and engineers.

High speed Bandwidth is a necessity to stay relevant. Now service providers, municipalities, real estate developers, and system integrators can leverage the power of NOCPlan to rapidly design optimized fiber networks and quickly achieve revenue generation.

The NDDI Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help service providers and communities access the full potential of high-speed broadband and maximize the return on investment.

Our mission is to help narrow and eventually eliminate the digital divide by making “broadband for all” possible in our lifetimes.

The debate is over. High-performance broadband is not a luxury.  It is a necessity, vital to our economy and society.

Network Design Decisions Inc. (NDDI) offers a unique network planning & design product (NOCPlan).

The NOCPlan FTTx planning tool automates the network planning and design process, including the rapid development of capital budgeting and cost comparisons between alternative network architectures.  Using design guidelines and equipment choices made by the NOCPlan user, this software automatically determines fiber paths, node placements, material cost, installation cost, and total project cost.

The Open Broadband Gateway

NDDI’s Open Broadband Gateway allows multiple service providers to offer services over common network infrastructure.

Our gateway helps investors in fiber monetize their investments by offering excess capacity to others, opening up new revenue streams and business opportunities.

Stay on top of your network.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Because the needs of each service provider and community are unique, NOCPlan produces customized network design with cost information based upon the priorities set by the leadership. The NOCPlan solution allows you to deliver comparative designs for communities that want to explore different speed ,service scenarios and looking at trade off comparisons of technology and vendors.

Design in days, not weeks.

Because our database is rich with up-to-the-minute information, and includes powerful visual design tools, with drag and drop functionality, design element and more, designers enjoy the process while exponentially improving productivity.

Map it.

Access and manage critical data in one place. Secure, scalable, cost efficient and easy to use, our mapping capabilities deliver the network data and insights you need instantly over an intuitive, web-based interface including Google Earth.

Roll it out and manage it.

Our Open Broadband Gateway enables the wholesale consumption of access network by retail service providers, enabling new service models with unbundled fiber. This drives municipalities and other organizations to become a facilities based service provider.

The solutions you need in the markets that matter.

Solutions for service providers

NDDI’s platform is used by Service Providers as part of the network transformation initiatives, as they address the competitive pressures to provide 30 Meg – 1 Gig speeds to homes and businesses. NDDI’s Service Provider customers are able to plan, rearchitect and reposition their networks; whether their starting point is fiber, copper, Coax, fixed wireless or a combination.

As 5G wireless and other competitive offerings grow, transformed access networks, able to compete will keep the service providers relevant. This will help service providers retain their existing customers, while attracting new ones. More and more Service Providers are analyzing the upside of building out networks in underserved areas, and NDDI’s tools simplify and accelerate that process. Our tools allow you to best decide where to deploy capital.

Service providers routinely enter new territory to capture business services. NOCPlan offers a unique value whereby, we can reduce the cycle time for customer acquisition and turn up by 3 – 4 weeks.   In addition NOCPlan can be used to drive sales teams to make decisions in the field.

Solutions for municipalities

Increasingly, municipal governments are taking their community’s destiny into their own hands, developing high speed broadband networks serving their citizens and local businesses, while also supporting their own digital initiatives including improved public safety, enhanced environmental monitoring and control, connected classrooms and more.

Our municipal customers use NOCPlan to design and deploy local networks. NDDI also has technology to allow multiple service providers to render services, allowing the community to focus on Infrastructure, while operations/content/voice and other services are delivered by providers who specialize in them.

Solutions for real estate developers

In the future, real estate developers, as well as universities and industrial and business park operators, will enhance their competitive offering with high speed broadband services, including gigabit service. Super high speed connectivity is becoming increasingly important in order to keep up with technology advances, including 4K television and video content, which requires five times the bandwidth of high-definition TV.

NDDI makes it possible for developers to understand available fiber and plan networks which serve subscribers in their buildings and on their campuses.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Network Design Decisions Inc. (NDDI) offers a unique network design service to allow communities and service providers to explore the options – quickly and inexpensively. The result is a network design and roadmap specific to the needs and priorities of the community, at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting engineers. Our design service is based on our proprietary software that allows for inter- active design and evaluation of communications networks.

Raj Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Raj has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, including work at Bell Labs, the Dataphone II business unit of AT&T and McGraw Hill, Inc. Raj joined Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. in 1991 in a business development role. Under his leadership, Velankani has become a full-service consulting firm providing engineering and management services to telecom and data communications firms. In 2005, Raj Singh became President and CEO of Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. where he has lead the creation of several business models that are now becoming standard practices in the Industry. In 2011, Raj co-founded Network Design Decisions, Inc. to marketFTTx network planning software to the telecom industry.

Ray Krauchunas

Chief Financial Officer

Ray joined Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. following a 22-year career at AT&T and Lucent Technologies where his experience spanned field operations and engineering, strategic planning, and Operations Support System design, testing, deployment, integration, and support. At AT&T, Ray managed teams that defined AT&T’s Hybrid Fiber Coax architecture for telephone over cable and was lead planner on the development and deployment of AT&T’s Local Operating Systems. At Lucent, Ray was Managing Director of the System Integration Practice. Ray began his career in the telecommunications industry after serving in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear program.

Tim Barron

National Sales Director

Tim is National Sales Director for Network Design Decisions, Inc. (NDDI). NDDI provides GIS-based FTTx planning, project budgeting, and business-case analysis software to service providers, consultants and construction firms. Tim has more than 30 years’ experience in telecommunications, having worked for Motorola, Alcatel, Advanced Fibre Communications, and service provider Citizens Communications. His experience spans engineering, product management, marketing and sales with the last 10 years focused on outside plant infrastructure and broadband access.

Marc Hayden


Marc Hayden is a technology executive with a career in telecommunications and networking that spans more than two decades and numerous regions including Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe as well as India and Asia Pacific.  In addition to his role as Managing Director of Force Multiplier International, LLC, Mr. Hayden currently serves as Vice President of Global Partners & Alliances with Sigma Systems. 

Most recently, Marc served as the President and CEO of genE, a leading Service Assurance Solutions provider. A history of applying his deep technical expertise and industry knowledge to grow revenue through solutions to complex service provider problems has led him to be a  frequent representative to the TM Forum and favorite speaker, thought leader and thinker in the broad network management, CSP and service assurance space. 

Mr. Hayden’s experience includes key executive positions at global telecommunications vendors and service providers like CHR Solutions, Redknee, Openet, ADC Telecommunications and Harris Corporation.

Mr. Hayden is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and earned his MBA from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business.  He currently serves on the board two non-profit organizations and on the board of the Marine Corps Cryptologic Association.

Sally Hudson

President, NDDI Advisory Board

Principal Consultant, The HSM Group

Sally has extensive experience in global B2B marketing, channel enablement and operations. With focus on customer experience, she has developed high growth product and market opportunities in telecommunications, cloud services and professional services. Her areas of expertise include product management, product marketing, platform development, business-to-business marketing, channel enablement, P&L management, and acquisition integration. She has held executive positions in Operations, Product Management, Marketing and IT, and has worked and lived in Europe, Australia and the U.S.

Anthony Giovannucci

Co-Founder & EVP, GioMare Group, LLC

GioMare Group, LLC. is a leading communications consulting, engineering and program management company founded in 2012. Anthony has over 20 years of telecom management experience, primarily for AT&T as the General Manager for Network Planning. At AT&T, he was responsible for national planning and deploying AT&T’s transmission media (fiber and microwave), for both local and long distance applications. Tony also served as a director Outside Plant (OSP) where capital deployment, negotiations and completion of agreements of controlling rights-of-way, building rights-of-entry, franchises and joint facility.

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